How to use Webpack Analyzer Bundle

Webpack analyzer bundle helps you to visualize the output of webpack in an interactive map. It displays the size that each bundle uses before and after being minified and compressed (gzipped). This can help you to discover which bundles are huge and if any of the bundles got in by mistake. Lets check this out … Read more

How to recover from a Frozen MAC ?

recover from frozen mac

Mac OS is usually quite stable and not prone to a system crash, yet seldom it does get stuck/frozen. Lets check out what can you do to recover from your frozen MAC without having to electrically reboot. Force Quit an application In the Dock, right click the offending application and select quit. If that doesn’t … Read more

What to do when Ubuntu Freezes/Crashes?

ubuntu Freeze

All operating systems freeze sometimes, and Ubuntu is no exception. It so happens that when Ubuntu Freezes, all you’re left with is a blank screen or a non-working mouse/keyboard or perhaps you have a particular program that has crashed/frozen. What could you do to debug and regain control before you decide to pull the plug … Read more