Wireless File Transfer between Android and Ubuntu

Wireless File Transfer between Android and Ubuntu

If you’re someone who finds file transfers with the USB cable inconvenient or just old school, then you’re at the right place. We’re gonna show you how you can quickly setup file transfers wirelessly between any android device and Ubuntu (Tested with Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04) Should work for future versions too. There are multiple … Read more

Ubuntu/Linux – Force Kill unresponsive program in less than 10 seconds

Force kill unresponsive program

There are several ways to kill a process in Ubuntu/Linux, discover the quickest way to force kill unresponsive program in 3 quick actions. This applies to any unresponsive application or process as well. How to force kill unresponsive program? 1. Hit Ctrl + Alt + T to open up your Terminal OR Alt + F2 … Read more

Hello Coders!

Today, while I was at work, as I was researching about some coding issue online, I realised that there are still so many many things to learn and so many more that aren’t well documented or perhaps documented at all. So, after long hours of thinking, finally I have decided to start writing about my … Read more