Lint on precommit Git hook made easy

This post involves setting up eslint, stylelint, husky and lint-staged to ensure you lint on precommit git hook. Less than 5 mins of setup that will automate linting and make it a part of your daily development process. If you are unfamiliar with the libraries that will be used, lets quickly see what each one … Read more

Ubuntu/Linux – Force Kill unresponsive program in less than 10 seconds

Force kill unresponsive program

There are several ways to kill a process in Ubuntu/Linux, discover the quickest way to force kill unresponsive program in 3 quick actions. This applies to any unresponsive application or process as well. How to force kill unresponsive program? 1. Hit Ctrl + Alt + T to open up your Terminal OR Alt + F2 … Read more

Fix htaccess not being read

htaccess not working

You try to setup a project with relative urls only to discover that the browser displays an unexplainable error (“page not found” or the famous “localhost not working” error). You ensure that the rules in the htaccess are correct. Still the same thing. Suddenly, it hits you – probably the htaccess is not being read … Read more

Encode Videos with FFmpeg

Encode Videos

FFmpeg can be used to encode videos into difference formats. It can re-encode videos and join, merge or split videos at ones will. FFmpeg is a powerful tool compatible with major Operating Systems (Linux, Mac, Windows). FFmpeg has a lot of options/parameters and sometimes these can get quite convoluted, so we will go through the … Read more

Using Twitter Typeahead with Vuejs

twitter typeahead vuejs

Learn how to integrate twitter typeahead search powered by Bloodhound directly into your Vuejs app. Using Twitter typeahead with Vuejs may seem tricky at first, but its far from the truth. Moreover, it is very well suited for traditional web apps as well as SPAs. If you are new to twitter Typeahead/Bloodhound, here’s a tutorial … Read more

Support ES2017, ES2018 features in Webpack encore

webpack encore es2017, es2018

Want to start using async generator function, spread operator and all the latest features of ES2017, ES2018 in your projects? Well, wait no further to checkout how easily you could achieve this! There are 2 ways of supporting these features – Update .babelrc file Update Webpack Encore config A little background explaining What is Babel? And … Read more

Create Global gitconfig and Setup git alias

Developers using GIT as their Source Version Control know the troubles in setting it up for new projects. Getting more productive needs setting up of user credentials, alias’ and other git configurations for every new project. But what if you could have a global git configuration to avoid redundant tasks? That’s where global gitconfig comes … Read more

Top 15 Commonly Used Regex


Regular Expressions aka Regex are expressions that define a search pattern. They are widely used for validation purposes, like email validation, url validation, phone number validation and so on. Forming Regex: A regex is written between two forward slashes (/) delimiters. These delimiters are essential only for certain Regex engines (JS,PHP..). It is then followed … Read more