Get Random rows in Doctrine

random rows with doctrine

Every Php Symfony developer knows the struggle of getting random rows/records via Doctrine. This is because there is no native solution present and quite unfortunately, the doctrine team isn’t even willing to implement this feature! (Reference) So how could we get random rows/objects? Lets go over the possible options, each having its advantages & disadvantages … Read more

What to do when Ubuntu Freezes/Crashes?

ubuntu Freeze

All operating systems freeze sometimes, and Ubuntu is no exception. It so happens that when Ubuntu Freezes, all you’re left with is a blank screen or a non-working mouse/keyboard or perhaps you have a particular program that has crashed/frozen. What could you do to debug and regain control before you decide to pull the plug … Read more

Demystifying Promises vs Callbacks

promises vs callbacks

Aren’t Promises just regular Callbacks? What are the pros/cons of using one over the other? Promises vs Callbacks? Questions like these bothering you? Not anymore! Before we actually go dive in deeper, lets quickly remind ourselves the basic definitions of these terms and what they are meant to accomplish. Callbacks: A Callback is a any … Read more

Autocomplete using Live Templates

autocomplete using live templates

During development, isn’t it several 100 times that we need to print something on the screen? (Maybe just to check the flow of execution, especially with the advent of modular development?) Well, we end up typing the same syntax over and over again. Certainly we could do a copy-paste each time but even then you’d … Read more

Setup Git prompt step by step

setting up git prompt

While using GIT, isn’t it pretty often that you need to keeping checking what branch you are currently on, or if there is stashed content or not, or if you are ahead/behind of the remote repository and so on ? How about we got this information without having to do a git status or a … Read more

Create a Global gitignore

global git ignore

Each time you set up a project, there’s that dreaded repetitive task of creating a new .gitignore file and adding in all the same files/directories that need to be ignored. This sometimes can get pretty tedious. There are OS-generated files (like .DS_Store, Thumbs.db) or IDE-generated files (like .idea/) ┬áthat will always clutter up your repository … Read more

Hello Coders!

Today, while I was at work, as I was researching about some coding issue online, I realised that there are still so many many things to learn and so many more that aren’t well documented or perhaps documented at all. So, after long hours of thinking, finally I have decided to start writing about my … Read more