Lint on precommit Git hook made easy

This post involves setting up eslint, stylelint, husky and lint-staged to ensure you lint on precommit git hook. Less than 5 mins of setup that will automate linting and make it a part of your daily development process. If you are unfamiliar with the libraries that will be used, lets quickly see what each one … Read more

Create Global gitconfig and Setup git alias

Developers using GIT as their Source Version Control know the troubles in setting it up for new projects. Getting more productive needs setting up of user credentials, alias’ and other git configurations for every new project. But what if you could have a global git configuration to avoid redundant tasks? That’s where global gitconfig comes … Read more

Setup Git prompt step by step

setting up git prompt

While using GIT, isn’t it pretty often that you need to keeping checking what branch you are currently on, or if there is stashed content or not, or if you are ahead/behind of the remote repository and so on ? How about we got this information without having to do a git status or a … Read more

Create a Global gitignore

global git ignore

Each time you set up a project, there’s that dreaded repetitive task of creating a new .gitignore file and adding in all the same files/directories that need to be ignored. This sometimes can get pretty tedious. There are OS-generated files (like .DS_Store, Thumbs.db) or IDE-generated files (like .idea/) ┬áthat will always clutter up your repository … Read more