All in one smart search with typeahead standalone

Typeahead standalone

Building a smart search that’s fast, autocompletes your queries and displays suggestions is something that everyone would love on their website. Today you will be introduced to a sleek, lightweight and most importantly, a standalone autocomplete library – typeahead-standalone.js. Why typeahead standalone ? Before answering that, know that typeahead-standalone is heavily inspired from the famous … Read more

Using Twitter Typeahead with Vuejs

twitter typeahead vuejs

Learn how to integrate twitter typeahead search powered by Bloodhound directly into your Vuejs app. Using Twitter typeahead with Vuejs may seem tricky at first, but its far from the truth. Moreover, it is very well suited for traditional web apps as well as SPAs. If you are new to twitter Typeahead/Bloodhound, here’s a tutorial … Read more

Smart search using Twitter Typeahead and Bloodhound

Typeahead bloodhound Tutorial

One of the basic things users would want to do, is search the content on a website. Having a crisp, fast and smart search that displays suggestions as one types, is something that everyone would love to have on their website! The twitter typeahead library does just that! And when typeahead is used in conjunction … Read more