Lazy Loading Images in VueJs

lady loading images vuejs

Lazy Loading Images in VueJS is important to save bandwidth, rank your page better, improve performance considerably and provide a better User Experience, especially if your website has several images. In this tutorial of Lazy loading images with Vue.js, we will be using an extremely swift and lightweight package called Lozad.js that does the major … Read more

Using Twitter Typeahead with Vuejs

twitter typeahead vuejs

Learn how to integrate twitter typeahead search powered by Bloodhound directly into your Vuejs app. Using Twitter typeahead with Vuejs may seem tricky at first, but its far from the truth. Moreover, it is very well suited for traditional web apps as well as SPAs. If you are new to twitter Typeahead/Bloodhound, here’s a tutorial … Read more

Create Custom Twig Filter in under 2 min

Custom Twig Filters

A custom twig filter is required when the available twig filters cannot do the job for you. Base64 encoding and decoding for example, cannot be done using the built-in filters even though these functions exist in pure PHP. So how do you create a custom twig filter in Symfony? Requirements: Symfony 3.4 and above Create … Read more

Vuejs Vuex State Management for Beginners

Vuex store state management in vue js

As your VueJS App grows, the number of components keeps growing, giving rise to the need for state management to communicate between components. Vuex is the recommended tool for State Management built specifically for Vuejs apps. Before proceeding, lets refresh a few concepts… What is State? State is like a container/Object that stores some value/values. … Read more

Routing with Symfony and Vuejs Router

symfony vuejs routing

One of the initial problems you might come across while integrating Symfony and VueJs is probably Routes. How do you handle this Symfony Vuejs routing? How to let Symfony forward the request to Vue Router? Lets quickly get to answering these questions. Forwarding Requests from Symfony to the Vue Router To allow the Vue Router … Read more

Support ES2017, ES2018 features in Webpack encore

webpack encore es2017, es2018

Want to start using async generator function, spread operator and all the latest features of ES2017, ES2018 in your projects? Well, wait no further to checkout how easily you could achieve this! There are 2 ways of supporting these features – Update .babelrc file Update Webpack Encore config A little background explaining What is Babel? And … Read more

Symfony Vue JS Integration in under 10 mins

symfony vue js

Integrating a good front end library like Vue js has become a de facto standard these days. This tutorial aims at integrating Vue js with Symfony backend. Symfony Vue Js integration is one of the best combinations for a trendy App, whether it be a SPA or a traditional Web App. Requirements Symfony 3.4 and … Read more

Generate Sitemap in Symfony in 2 simple steps

Sitemap in symfony

What is a Sitemap? A Sitemap is a XML file that contains a list of URLs on your website that help the Search Engines discover and crawl your website more effectively. Generating a Sitemap in Symfony is one of the trivial tasks one might encounter. There are a few bundles that might help you, although … Read more

Create Global gitconfig and Setup git alias

Developers using GIT as their Source Version Control know the troubles in setting it up for new projects. Getting more productive needs setting up of user credentials, alias’ and other git configurations for every new project. But what if you could have a global git configuration to avoid redundant tasks? That’s where global gitconfig comes … Read more

Smart search using Twitter Typeahead and Bloodhound

Typeahead bloodhound Tutorial

One of the basic things users would want to do, is search the content on a website. Having a crisp, fast and smart search that displays suggestions as one types, is something that everyone would love to have on their website! The twitter typeahead library does just that! And when typeahead is used in conjunction … Read more