LocalStorage with TTL (Time to expiry)

Localstorage with TTL

If you are familiar with the LocalStorage API, you know that there is no provision for setting a TTL. This post aims to show you an easy way to write up a simple wrapper to have LocalStorage with TTL. To setup TTL with LocalStorage, all we need to do is – Store items with TTL … Read more

Smooth Scroll in native Javascript/css

Smooth Scroll in native javascript, css

How to get a smooth scroll without using Jquery ? or any other library? As of 2020, such a trivial task is well supported natively by browsers. Smooth scroll can be achieved via pure javascript or even pure css. Lets check out how to smooth scroll natively using both the ways. Smooth scroll in pure … Read more

Lint on precommit Git hook made easy

This post involves setting up eslint, stylelint, husky and lint-staged to ensure you lint on precommit git hook. Less than 5 mins of setup that will automate linting and make it a part of your daily development process. If you are unfamiliar with the libraries that will be used, lets quickly see what each one … Read more

Can I use font-weight: 1000 ?

Going Bolder than font-weight: 1000

The font-weight property is used to set the boldness (weight) of the font. The amount of boldness you get depends on the font (font-family) being used. Is it possible to surpass the standard font-weight property values and it be font-weight: 1000 ? Quick answer: Depends on your browser! According to the Css Fonts Module Level … Read more

Duplicate a Mysql Database – Tutorial

Duplicate Mysql Database

Learn how to duplicate a mysql database in 2 simple steps. Many a times, you want to duplicate a database to create a backup, to test against real data or just because you want to. Lets quickly checkout how this can be done step-wise. We will be using the command line utility to duplicate the … Read more

How to use Webpack Analyzer Bundle

Webpack analyzer bundle helps you to visualize the output of webpack in an interactive map. It displays the size that each bundle uses before and after being minified and compressed (gzipped). This can help you to discover which bundles are huge and if any of the bundles got in by mistake. Lets check this out … Read more

Ubuntu/Linux – Force Kill unresponsive program in less than 10 seconds

Force kill unresponsive program

There are several ways to kill a process in Ubuntu/Linux, discover the quickest way to force kill unresponsive program in 3 quick actions. This applies to any unresponsive application or process as well. How to force kill unresponsive program? 1. Hit Ctrl + Alt + T to open up your Terminal OR Alt + F2 … Read more

Fix htaccess not being read

htaccess not working

You try to setup a project with relative urls only to discover that the browser displays an unexplainable error (“page not found” or the famous “localhost not working” error). You ensure that the rules in the htaccess are correct. Still the same thing. Suddenly, it hits you – probably the htaccess is not being read … Read more

JWT Authentication with Symfony

JWT Authentication with Symfony

Configuring JWT Authentication with Symfony can be quite tricky, especially for beginners. We’ll guide you through a step-by-step tutorial getting you up to speed. We use LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle to setup JWT Auth in less than 10 mins. Our setup for JWT Authentication with Symfony Symfony 3.x, 4.x, 5.x FosUserBundle (you may use any other user provider … Read more