Compress images with Javascript

Javascript image compression

These days, most of the photos generated by our devices are quite large in resolution and in size. As developers, we may not need large images (>5mb) especially if you’re using it for a profile picture or so. A common solution so far was to resize the image after it was uploaded to the server. … Read more

Whats a double Arrow function in javascript ?

Double Arrow Functions

Wondering what exactly does a double arrow function do, how it works and when is it used ? We’ll take you through a quick tutorial explaining the same. Before explaining double arrow functions, we’ll take a quick look at arrow functions. Arrow functions Arrow functions are anonymous functions that are special because they do not … Read more

Rotate Ads in Javascript with Ad-rotator

Ad rotator in javascript

For many websites, advertisements could mean a substantial source of revenue. Hence, making it appealing, clickable and unobtrusive is an essential base requirement. Lets see how you could easily setup ad rotation on your website with the use of a standalone javascript library Ad-rotator. Ad Rotation in pure javascript We made a small list of … Read more

File Upload with API Platform and Symfony

Handling File Uploads API Platform

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps of how to handle file uploads with API platform and Symfony. The official documentation on file uploads seems a bit convoluted to me and hence this article hopes to make it easy (in layman’s terms)! To many, handling File upload may seem tricky, but is … Read more

How to Encrypt LocalStorage data?

Encrypt Localstorage

Sometimes, you might want to encrypt your data stored in the LocalStorage given that it is easily readable by anyone having sufficient knowledge on where to look. Lets see how we can encrypt localstorage data with ease. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we are going to use a localStorage wrapper that takes care of checking … Read more

Wireless File Transfer between Android and Ubuntu

Wireless File Transfer between Android and Ubuntu

If you’re someone who finds file transfers with the USB cable inconvenient or just old school, then you’re at the right place. We’re gonna show you how you can quickly setup file transfers wirelessly between any android device and Ubuntu (Tested with Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 20.04) Should work for future versions too. There are multiple … Read more

All in one smart search with typeahead standalone

Typeahead standalone

Building a smart search that’s fast, autocompletes your queries and displays suggestions is something that everyone would love on their website. Today you will be introduced to a sleek, lightweight and most importantly, a standalone autocomplete library – typeahead-standalone.js. Why typeahead standalone ? Before answering that, know that typeahead-standalone is heavily inspired from the famous … Read more